My Experience


UX Researcher


I'm a User Experience Researcher focusing on delivering a valuable balance of discovery and validation research; helping shape the big picture strategies and detailed design decisions of Fortune 500 companies.


Designer in Residence


As a Designer in Residence, my role was to facilitate project management in an agile environment. I was responsible for helping teams work in sprints using scrum methodologies. I also work with teams in a project management role while interacting with clients. This included making sure teams were on track to hit projected goals and managing their scope of work.


UX Designer


At DESIGNATION, I approached design with agile methodologies and a user-centered focus. My process always starts with research, including user interviews, domain research, and competitive analyses. I carried out heuristic evaluations and usability testing. To shape my team's direction, I developed problem statements and design principles. Also, I created user personas, journey maps, task flows, and developed information architecture. With these complete, I developed low-, mid-, and high-fidelity wireframes, screens, and prototypes. To round off the process, I conducted more user testing.

Client: Oranj

Oranj is a white-label platform that allows financial advisors to manage users and prospects. It also allows users to see their financial information and communicate with their advisors. When starting the project, the client had a live MVP of the product. I worked on a small team to address the end-user side of the product. We started with research and identified a market opportunity that competitors weren't addressing. We also conducted usability testing and performed a heuristic evaluation of the existing product. I worked with my team to develop information architecture and site navigation. From there, I created mid-fidelity wireframes. These included data presentation modules and templates, inspired by atomic design, for future use.

Client: Emotilink

Emotilink is an online platform that aims to connect users with mental health providers. The product was in development at the time of the project. In order for this project to be successful, we had to consider the privacy and comfort of the users and providers. I worked to provide the greatest benefits to both user groups while focusing on the provider side of the app. To achieve this, I worked with a small team to conduct research, interviews, and testing. I synthesized what we learned and applied that knowledge to our design process. We developed wireframes and prototypes, and provided detailed documentation with findings and recommendations.


Social Media Coordinator

RDW Group

While at the RDW Group, I had a wide variety of marketing and analytics responsibilities. My goal was to build relationships and communicate brand messaging to consumers. To do this, I worked with clients to identify goals and KPI's. From there, we developed and executed campaigns. I then used Google Analytics and the native platform tools to analyze performance and identify opportunities. Working with analytics has helped shape my understanding and approach to user-centered design.


Communications Coordinator

The March of Dimes Foundation, Massachusetts Chapter

When I got to the March of Dimes, the chapter's social media activity was minimal. I helped reach constituents by revamping the chapter's presence on Facebook and Twitter. I developed content strategies, facilitated campaigns, and fostered real-time interaction at events. I also maintained content on multiple websites, drafted media alerts and press releases, and designed print media artifacts.


The process of good design is like cooking; you don’t cut steak with a butter knife. That's why I've made a point of working with a variety of software. Sketch is my go-to chef’s knife. It's helpful in almost any situation, from wireframing to designing high fidelity screens. When I need more precision, Illustrator is like a trusty paring knife. It allows me to work effectively with smaller elements. When the design is ready for prototyping, I know the importance of page-based and layer-based tools. I use InVision, Marvel, and POP for quick and dirty work, and Axure and for advanced work. And to keep up with the trends, I’m always trying out new things (Figma is becoming my new favorite).

Education & Certification

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the spring of 2012.

Since then, I identified an opportunity to better serve myself and the clients I work with. This took the form of earning my certification in Google Analytics. Monitoring analytics gives me an understanding of user behaviors and how they relate to the user experience.

*Download my full resume here.